Yarn weight has nothing to do with how much it weighs, but actually with how thick or thin the strand of yarn is. Enter your email address to receive LoveCrafts email marketing messages, including newsletters, amazing deals, free patterns and more. A yarn so effortlessly elegant, so buttery soft, that we almost forgot it is eco-friendly too. Send a gift card to any family member or friend by email. This is my go to site when I cannot find what I am needing locally. They always have exactly what I need, and the quality is excellent.

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  • Sport weight yarn and DK, also known as double knitting weight yarn are so alike that they are often viewed as quite interchangeable.
  • It’s usually printed on the bottom of the yarn’s label.
  • Sometimes you won’t see this symbol, you will just see a number 3 or “light” or “dk” as the weight.
  • 2—Fine Sport weight yarn works best for items such as socks, wraps, heirloom sweaters, and other delicate accessories.
  • However, it’s thinner than double knitting; it’s often referred to as 5 Ply.
  • Solo Lino is a super soft drapey sport weight to dk weight linen made of 80% recycled linen and 20% of new linen.

DK yarn is equivalent to #3 Light on the Standard Yarn Weight System. It is often used for infant wear and lightweight garments. Gauge for DK is 5-6 stitches per inch on a US 4-6 needle.

Yarn Size Chart

It can also be used to knit or crochet a hat, cowl or shawl, or a great lacy scarf. It also makes a great sock yarn, knits or crochets up a beautiful sweater and gives definition to textured stitches. Fingering weight yarn is often used for baby items, socks, and awe inspiring Fair Isle patterns. Fingering weight is sometimes listed as “baby yarn” and is about double the weight of lace yarn.

What Is Dk Weight Yarn And How Is It Different

Heavy worsted weight, as you may have guessed usa kung fu studio , is just a hair heavier than plain old worsted weight. Good for the same range of projects as worsted weight. Lace weight yarn is very fine and is best for creating delicate, web-like items such as shawls. Gauge is flexible with lace weight yarns since a lot of the structure and size is determined by how the finished piece is blocked. Knit with the smallest needle sizes for tight, opaque fabric and large sizes for an open gossamer effect.

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If you’re a beginner knitter, it’s better to go for worsted yarn instead of sport. Also, note that there are several kinds of sport-weight yarns and try to stick to the same type of material for the knitting project. But, as you can see from our chart above, the UK, Europe, Australia and other parts of the world classify their yarns differently.

My Recommendations Aka My Favorite Dk Weight Yarns

Whether you’re on your first project or just need a quick refresher, check out our knitting abbreviations for the common stitches you’ll find in our patterns. If you want a better drape in your knitted or crocheted fabric, then you should opt for a hook or needles one to two sizes larger than the recommended size. If you want a tighter fabric for things like dishcloths or toys, go down a hook/needle size or two. A sport weight is a fine weight yarn and is a weight #2 in this system. WPI is a way to measure yarn weight per inch using a ruler and a pencil.

You will usually get 3.5-4 stitches to the inch on a US needle. 6-Super Chunky Super Chunky/Super Bulky yarn is #6 on the Standard Yarn Weight Scale. Gauge is often 2-4 stitches per inch on a US 11 or larger needle. Super Chunky is great for hats and scarves that you want to finish quickly.

About Berlin Vanity is a soft and colorful summer yarn made of two strands of textured fibers. About Berlin Vanity works up in soft subtle stripes with a great hand. This Amore Shawl was made from Lion Brand Mandala yarn.

Simply click on the + sign next to Yarn Weight, and select the category (or categories!) of your choice. Do you want to learn how to make beautiful and useful things yourself? Then my blog about needlework will definitely be useful to you – here are collected articles about its different types with interesting ideas and detailed descriptions. I find it never exactly half the number of stitches, even when I use the called for yarn. But it will be far less than if you use a single strand and go much faster.