• Payroll

It’s not just your payroll, its your people

Let the professionals take care of your people and their needs. Paychecks, Payroll taxes, quarterly filings can get cumbersome real fast. At PTH, We understand and We do it better than others and at an affordable cost to you, We are here when you need us for any query. Remember, We work with people, not just numbers.

Our Payroll Services include;

  • Payroll processing using QuickBooks.
  • Payroll payments via Direct deposits & Checks
  • Filing of Form 940, 941, RT-06 and W2 & W3
  • Payment of federal payroll liabilities
  • Payment of state level payroll liabilities
  • Retirement plans IRAs, 401K, SEP-IRA

Decades of Experience

How many years of combined experience do we have within our organization? Well we lost count at 173. It’s true – we asked around the office.

Truly Competitive Pricing

We offer some of the best pricing out there. We make it affordable for companies of all sizes. There are even multiple pricing options.

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