IRS Remediation

Mistakes on your annual tax filings are not uncommon. With so many people today using online software systems like TurboTax or HR Block to complete filings on their own taxes, or taxes for their businesses, there are bound to be some discrepancies. Once the IRS notices the mistakes you begin to receive notices about past due payments, threats to levy your personal or business accounts or even notices of the seizure of your assets, such as real estate holdings.

Most individuals are not equipped to deal with the red tape of the IRS alone, this typically requires the expertise of a licensed CPA. We have several remediation options available to our clients and have been successful in eliminating fines for first time offenders, reducing interest and penalties through skilled negotiation, mediating payment plans and even eliminating the obligation all together by identifying unclaimed losses and filing amended returns.

Let our licensed professionals intervene on your behalf and ensure that you are making the lowest possible payments while reducing your overall debt.

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